Hot Cross Bun Bread and Butter Pudding

Yesterday I made a Hot Cross Bun Bread and Butter Pudding. It was a great success and I wanted to share it with you.

I had a couple of of Hot Cross Buns that were a little stale and I decided that they would be good in a pudding.

I found a bread and butter pudding recipe and adapted it, here’s what I did;

I sliced the buns into 3 slices, so I had 6 slices of of Hot Cross Buns. I layered these into a well buttered dish and drizzled melted butter on them.

For the custard mixture, I whisked 2 eggs with 225ml of whole milk, 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence and 1 tablespoon of caster sugar.

I poured the custard mix over the buns and allowed to soak for 20 minutes. I then drizzled a little golden syrup on top and finished with a sprinkling of nutmeg.

This baked in the oven at 180c until it was golden and had a firm wobble.

I really enjoyed this dessert, it was a lovely tasty treat. I love to eat Hot Cross Buns at this time of year and I am looking forward to doing more Easter cooking and baking. I enjoy Easter as a religious festival and find it such a poignant time of thought and reflection.

Hopefully I will be able to share some Easter Crafts soon.

Thanks for reading,


Kitchen Creations This Week

I like to end the week with a post about what I have been cooking and baking, so here is this week’s…

Evening Meals

On Sunday we had a lovely roast pork dinner, my husband cooked most of this so I can’t take the credit for it. He is a good cook too and I often refer to him as the Weekend Chef as that’s when he has the time to do cooking.

Because we had roast pork on Sunday, it meant we had leftovers. I chose to use the leftover pork in a risotto. I made a risotto with pork, yellow pepper and beans and flavoured with paprika.

Tuesday was the birthday party tea – you can read all about that here

Wednesday I made Toad in the Hole – I mentioned that we like this meal in my post Roasted Vegetables in Yorkshire Pudding. This time I used sausages and cooked them in the Yorkshire Pudding batter in my heart shaped dish!

Thursday was root vegetable pasty night. I made a mix of thinly sliced carrot, parsnip and potato and seasoned with lots of black pepper, salt, thyme and some melted butter. These were the filling to the homemade shortcrust pastry I made.

Friday I made vegetable lasagne – the filling was made from red lentils in passata with courgette, green peppers and chopped spinach. I added dried basil and oregano. The sauce was cheese sauce made with cheddar. I really like this version of lasagne and don’t miss having beef mince in it at all.


I have had a few salads this week. As I don’t like to waste food, I saved all the offcuts from the Woodland Salad I made on Tuesday – This made the perfect salad for me on Wednesday with a few added extras. Talking of leftovers, I had some of the pasty filling leftover so fried that and ate it with my lunch on Friday.

I made a tuna pasta which my husband and daughter took in their lunchboxes one day this week. I like to eat a variety of things and wouldn’t want the same lunch everyday!


I have been making overnight oats this week which are really yummy and super quick! I love that in the morning you can just take it out the fridge and eat it straight away as all the preparation is done. This is good for my husband as he leaves for work early. I have also been enjoying berries with yoghurt and chocolate porridge with bananas.


I made the Gruffalo birthday cake at the beginning of the week and then later in the week I made Banana and Ginger Slices. These are really tasty and have a strong ginger flavour. I have frozen half of these for later as they will dry out quite quickly.

Cake Jenga!?

This week has been filled with tasty home cooking and comfort foods. I like variety and try to create different meals every week as well as cooking some old favourites.

Hope you’ve had a great week,


Roasted Vegetables in Yorkshire Pudding

As a family our meat consumption is quite low. We often have meat free weeks which we all really enjoy.

We like to eat Toad in the Hole which is sausages in Yorkshire pudding. I wanted to make a vegetable variation of this without using meat free sausages. Personally I am not a fan of meat alternatives and would rather eat vegetables and pulses instead of something that is trying to be like meat.

I decided I would roast some vegetables and then top them with Yorkshire pudding batter for a tasty dinner. So, here’s how I made it..

My ingredients were;

For the roasted veg*

– 1 large parsnip
– 1 quarter of butternut squash
– 1 sweet potato
– 1 tsp dried thyme
-1 tbsp oil

For the Yorkshire pudding batter

– 3 eggs
– 4 tbsp plain flour
– a pinch of salt
– 2 tbsp water
– milk
– vegetable fat

1.Peel and chop the veg into large chunks and mix with oil and thyme in a large baking tray with deep sides.

2. Roast the veg for about 30 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius, turning once half way through.

3. For the batter, crack the eggs into a jug and whisk, then add the flour and keep whisking until it’s smooth. Add the water and then add a little milk at a time until it is the consistency of double cream.

4. Add vegetable fat or more oil to the vegetables and turn the oven up to 230 degrees Celsius.

5. Once the fat is melted and hot pour on the Yorkshire pudding batter and bake in the oven for about 20 minutes or until it is browned and well risen.

And there you have it, Roasted Vegetables in Yorkshire Pudding. I chose to serve mine with boiled new potatoes, steamed Brussels sprouts and gravy.

* I used parsnip, butternut squash and sweet potato but all sorts of vegetables could be used. Roasted pepper would taste great, swede could be used and even garlic cloves would taste good roasted. Choose your favourite vegetables.

I hope you enjoy this recipe.

Let me know if you tried this!


Chicken and Mushroom Pie

Tonight I made a chicken and mushroom pie for dinner, using the chicken I cooked yesterday in the pressure cooker…

My family really enjoy pie – especially the homemade pastry! I made a shortcrust pastry using flour, baking spread, lard and and an egg yolk and binded this together with water. This then chilled in the fridge whilst I made the filling.

I saved the stock from the pressure cooker yesterday and used this for the sauce, the stock was very flavourful and it was great to be able to use this instead of a stock cube which is what I would normally use.

So, for my pie filling I added celery, carrots, chicken and mushrooms into the pan, added the stock and peas and let simmer a little while. I seasoned with salt, pepper and thyme.

To make the sauce thicker and creamier, I made a small amount of white sauce and poured this into the pie filling.

I rolled out the pastry and lined my heart shaped pie dish, poured in the filling and topped with more pastry. This cooked for half an hour. Unfortunately I didn’t have any pastry left over to make a cute little chicken this time!!

I served it with broccoli and Brussel sprouts as I didn’t want the dinner to be too heavy and there are plenty of carbohydrates in the pie!

Hope you had a great Sunday dinner,


A Comforting Dinner

Tonight I made a lasagne for dinner. This is a really great comfort meal and lasagne has always been one of my favourite foods.

I decided to make a lentil lasagne, so the main filling was made up of red lentils, chopped tomatoes, courgettes, red peppers and carrots. I also added vegetable stock, black pepper and dried oregano. I brought this mixture of ingredients to the boil and then simmered until it had a good consistency.

I made a thick white sauce, made of butter, flour and milk and then added cheese to make a rich cheese sauce.

I decided to use my heart shaped pie dish to bake my lasagne in. I thought it would fit in well with the Valentine’s theme. I layered the lentil mixture, lasagne sheets and cheese sauce into the dish and popped in the oven to bake!

I also made a quick microwave dessert today – Banana Sponge Pudding. This was a quick made up recipe for a simple and fast dessert.

I mashed half a banana and mixed with a little brown sugar and baking spread. I then added an egg and a sprinkling of cinnamon and mixed well. I added enough self raising flour to make a thick batter and sliced the remaining half of banana up and placed on top of the batter. I microwaved this until it was cooked. And there you have it – a simple banana pudding. (I made this pudding in a microwaveable bowl so it can be prepared and cooked in the same dish)

Hope you had a great Thursday Dinner