Sun, Sea and Seals!

I had a really lovely walk today in the beautiful sunshine and wanted to share some photos that I took today.

It’s amazing how a clear blue sky and beautiful sun can really lift your mood.

I walked to harbour with my two children – my daughter on her scooter and my son in the pushchair. I knew the harbour would look especially inviting in the sun. To my surprise, I saw seals swimming in the inlet to the harbour. They kept bobbing their heads out of the water, it was really amazing to see. I really enjoy nature and wildlife so it’s really great to see animals in their natural habitats.

I do wish I had a better camera though to capture the seals, I am afraid these are the best that I could do!… The colour of the sea is lush though!

We stayed a long while looking out for the seals and just taking in the glorious weather and surroundings. The sea view was stunning to look at. I am always in awe of the natural world.

Today has been a really great day for me, very positive and mood lifting. I hope you enjoy looking at these photos!


This Week’s Happenings

This week has been quite productive and I have been busy doing different activities – including cooking which I have made posts about this week. Here are some of the other things I have been doing this week.

Sowing and Growing –

I have been keeping a close eye on my seeds that I sowed last Friday. Over the last few days several of the tomato seeds have germinated, resulting in little seedlings that are growing quite quickly. There doesn’t seem to be anything happening with the aubergine or chilli seeds but it has only been seven days and it may be that it’s not quite warm enough even with the clear lid. I may have to move them to a sunnier spot – although keeping them out of reach of little hands may be an issue!! They are currently on the worktop under the boiler but the kitchen doesn’t really get a lot of sunlight.

I am also planning to grow some microgreens indoors and have been saving my used butter tubs to grow these in. I was inspired by an article in the November issue of the Kitchen Garden magazine and have decided I will give it a go. I have plenty of different seeds to try.

Sewing –

My cross stitch towel project is coming on well. I had hoped to have it finished by the end of March but with the progress I am making it should be finished well before then.

Crafts –

We didn’t get much further with Valentine’s themed crafts, my daughter lost interest and I couldn’t come up with many good craft ideas. I think I shall purchase a children’s craft book to give me lots of inspiration and ideas.

My daughter however is interested in the Easter story. It is her favourite Bible story and she can’t wait until Easter! Whilst there are plenty of Nativity play sets available, there just aren’t Easter story play sets (I guess this is to do with the theme of death). My daughter suggested we make a tomb ourselves and my husband came up with the idea of making it out of Papier mache. So, that was today’s craft project – we have made up a tomb and stone for the entrance and they are sat drying waiting to be painted.

Walks –

I have still kept up with my daily walks, although some days the walks have been short due to the very cold weather. We have had walks in the snow and ice and also sunny walks. I took some lovely photos of the sun shining through the clouds onto the sea.

Hope you had a great week.


Spring is on it’s Way

I know it’s not officially spring until 20th March – so a good while off yet! However, I saw my first daffodils of the season when out on my walk today – it was so lovely seeing spring flowers and colour against the dull winter backdrop.

I do love nature, I am always amazed by plants and new growth and how things change with the seasons.

With spring around the corner, I am keen to get sowing some vegetable seeds. This week I had two bags of composts delivered and I have been collecting seeds from my Kitchen Garden magazine. I am just awaiting some seed trays with clear lids which should arrive this week.

I am hoping to make some early sowings of tomato, aubergine and pepper seeds and get them established indoors until the weather warms up. I only have a small patio but really want to grow as much as possible out there. We have our names down for an allotment but the waiting list is very long!

It is such a miracle seeing plants grow from tiny seeds and being able to grow your own food. I am hoping to get my 3 year old involved with the sowing and growing, I am sure she will be eager to see the plants grow.

What are you looking forward to in Spring?


A Cold and Frosty Morning

This morning we were greeted by a stunning white frost that carpeted all of the ground around us.

It was a beautiful morning, we decided we would prepare our Sunday roast and then go out for a walk whilst the chicken was roasting.

My daughter was so excited to see all the frost, we ventured to the beach and walked along the frosty pebbles and looked down onto the sea which was glistening in the sun. Such a picturesque winter’s morning. The sky was white to match the frost.

Our home smelt lovely when we arrived back, the delicious smell of chicken, potatoes and parsnips roasting in the oven. Whilst dinner was cooking, I prepared some Bramley apples and made a sweet pastry to make an apple pie.

We all enjoyed a tasty roast dinner followed by homemade apple pie and custard.

We spent the afternoon resting and relaxing. A true day of rest.

Hope you have all had a good Sunday.


Sticky Buns and a Walk in the Rain

I didn’t do any baking over the festive period so have been keen to get back to it!

I really enjoy making sticky buns, so I found a recipe that I had and adapted it to the ingredients I had in. The dough was flavoured with mixed spice and clementine zest. For the filling I used butter, dark brown sugar, cinnamon, grated apple and sultanas.

Once the dough had been rolled out, filled, rolled and cut into buns I went out for a walk with my two children. I didn’t realise it was raining until we stepped outside. My daughter was pleased as she got to use her new umbrella. We like to walk towards the seafront and have started playing a guessing game of whether we think the sea will be calm or rough. Today it was calm. We had a short walk as it was cold and rainy, but good to get out for fresh air and excercise.

When I got back I put the buns in the oven to bake. When baked I glazed with cranberry sauce. Myself, my husband and my daughter didn’t wait too long before eating one! They are best eaten fresh!

A Sunny Afternoon Well Spent

Yesterday the weather was so beautiful – blue sky and bright sunshine, a perfect day to get out and explore.

The day can be very slow and long being at home all day with two young children and often we just need to get out for an hour or so for a bit of exercise, fresh air and a change of scenery.

We walked to the playground after lunch. My daughter absolutely loves going to the playground so we spent a good while there. Opposite the park is the seafront so we walked back home along the seafront. We had a little stroll on the beach and splashed a few pebbles into the water. My daughter collected a few pebbles in her pocket to bring home!

We strolled along the seafront a little further and then stopped for a sit on a bench and a box of raisins!

All the walking and the sea air definitely did us good especially on such a bright sunny day.

I ended the afternoon ordering some food from the Too Good To Go App which food businesses use to sell off leftover products from that day. A local bakery had a mystery bag available for £2.66 so I thought I would give it a go. I got two lovely loaves of fresh sourdough bread. We had some with our dinner – I made a veggie curry with brown rice. The bread was perfect for mopping up the curry sauce.

It is such a good idea to save food from being wasted so I was really pleased I was able to make this purchase and will be looking out for more food to be saved in the future.

That was how I spent my sunny Thursday afternoon, hope you all had a lovely day too.