February 2021 Review

February has been a good month for me. A I have achieved and discovered lots of different things. So, what has been going on in February? I shall break this down into categories…

February has been a great month for me in the blogosphere! I have written quite a lot of posts this month and achieved my best ever views, best monthly views and got over 200 followers. I really enjoy blogging and like to post about a range of different things, especially food!

Health and Wellbeing
This month I had a bit of an epiphany about my self care. I decided that I wanted to start getting fit and being more active and also to take care of my physical appearance. I just want to look after myself all round to make me feel happier, more confident, fit and energised… You can read about my health and wellbeing post here.. 3 Things I am Doing for my Self Care and Well Being.

For the last week I have been practising yoga at least once a day for 15 minutes at a time. It has been really relaxing and feels great to use muscles that don’t normally get used!

I also bought myself some new make up and have started to wear it daily just to give myself a confidence boost.

Sowing and Growing
I started off some tomato, chilli pepper and aubergine seeds at the beginning of the month. Lots of them germinated which is great but I have managed to get them jumbled up when moving into bigger pots so I have no idea which seedlings are which! Ahh well! It will be a surprise to see what fruits they grow!! I sowed two types of tomato and two types of chilli so it will be a while before I figure out which types they are!

I didn’t have any plant pots so I have been inventive with my recycling. A lot of my seedlings needed potting on into bigger pots so I have been using tin cans, butter tubs and other various plastics that would have otherwise been put in the recycling bin.

February has seen two extremes of weather. At the beginning of the month we had a very cold spell and had a little flurry of snow. This week has been a lot milder with beautiful clear blue skies and sunshine. I have been out for a walk every day this month and have taken some lovely photos of forests, the beach and the harbour. I even managed to spot some seals which was lovely to see.

The cross stitch towel project isn’t far off from being finished so hopefully by the end of March it will be done.

With my daughter I have been doing paper mache to make the Easter story scenes. We have made a tomb and stone and the hill and crosses. We are in the process of getting them painted.

Bible App
I have been following reading plans on the app and have been reading daily. I have almost completed The Essential 100 plan which covers 50 passages from the Old and New Testaments each. It’s really great to get an insight to the whole Bible.

Family Life
My 3 year old daughter started nursery for the first time this week and will be going 3 days a week as of March. This is a really exciting time for her and she absolutely loved her first day at nursery. I will be sending her with a packed lunch so looking forward to creating healthy lunches for her. My nearly 1 year old son has started to take his first couple of steps so it won’t be too long before he is properly walking!

As a family we have also been enjoying spending time outdoors by going out on walks together. It’s

We have eaten lots of great meals, soups and cakes this month and I am really pleased with my home cooking achievements. I love cooking and being able to make tasty meals for my family.

Plans for March
I am hoping for another great month!

I have more seeds to be sowing and hope to take good care of my seedlings to establish strong plants.

I would like to complete my cross stitch and perhaps start on some different sewing projects using the sewing machine.

I want to continue with my daily yoga and will hopefully start to feel more fit and energised from it. Also I want to focus on healthy eating and make sure I drink plenty of water each day.

I shall have a little more spare time with my daughter being at nursery 15 hours a week so I will be able to have Mummy and Son time and also focus on housework routines and perhaps be able to plan better.

My son turns 1 in March so I am planning on a little birthday tea just for the four of us.

And finally, I hope to keep on with blogging and improve my blogging skills, entertain and maybe even inspire you with my blog content. As always there will be cooking and baking and hopefully some new and exciting things!

Thanks for reading all this,

Hope you had a great February and I wish you a happy March!