Last Supper Meal

It’s Maundy Thursday, the day that Jesus sat with his disciples and shared the Last Supper.

This year I decided that I would make a Last Supper to share with my family as a way of connecting with our faith and exploring what happened during Easter week. In a way it was like a reenactment as we discussed what was in the scripture and what happened during the Last Supper. This was on a basic level as my daughter is 3 so was aimed at her level of understanding.

For the meal, I researched what sort of foods would have been eaten in Israel during Jesus’ time and tried to create dishes that reflected that.

We didn’t drink wine but did have red juice and also red grapes as part of our meal instead.

For the bread, which had to be unleavened, I made some simple wholemeal flat breads.

The main component of the meal was couscous with lentils and red peppers. This was garnished with parsley and lemon zest and a scattering of pomegranate seeds.

I bought some smoked mackerel for the fish part of the meal and then I created a board of fruits, olives and tomatoes to serve with the fish and mackerel.

I chose dates, figs, grapes and pomegranate seeds and also bought some mixed olives and sun-dried tomatoes.

Whilst some of the food wasn’t to everybody’s tastes, it was a really great experience and was lovely to try different foods and connect with what Jesus would have been eating at the Last Supper. Obviously nobody knows exactly what would have been eaten but I tried to serve foods that may have been eaten during those times.

It was a lovely time of reflection about how the events of Easter unfolded. I found this a really family friendly activity to help learn about the story of Easter together.

I wish you a happy and blessed Easter weekend.


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