Easter Gingerbread Biscuit Gifts

It’s been a week since I last made a blog post! I guess I haven’t had a lot of inspiration this past 7 days!

However, I have done some more Easter baking – this time it was treats to send out as gifts.

If you read my post …Easter Biscuit Traybake , you will see that this was where the original idea and inspiration came from. I wanted to make this idea better so decided I would make gingerbread dough this time to give the biscuit slab a smoother finish.

As I wanted two contrasting colours, I decided to make a plain gingerbread and a chocolate gingerbread. I found recipes for these online and went ahead and made the dough. I chilled the dough for several hours before rolling and cutting into my designs. As before, I cut out shapes from the rectangles I made and replaced them with shapes of the contrasting dough. A little fiddly but I think the effect is worth it.

I made 3 different biscuit slabs, one was kept as a tester and the other 2 I have sent out to family members who should receive them in the post tomorrow. I fear that the biscuits may be a little soft but perfectly edible I’m sure!

These were Easter themed so used the Easter cutters to create a nice picture out of the gingerbread dough. Here’s how they looked before baking.

After the biscuits had baked and cooled, I decorated them using icing pens. Once decorated, I wrapped in foil and packed carefully into a small letterbox size box.

I feel that these biscuits still need to look neater and more refined. Also some of the gingerbread didn’t fully merge together when baking so did break a little.
However, making these has given me so many new ideas for this style of biscuit. AI may try shortbread next…

The gingerbread tasted really good – the chocolate gingerbread was very rich but full of flavour and worked really well with the spices.

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