Easter Story Play Scene

In the lead up to Easter I am wanting to do different activities with my 3 year old. This will include different things such as baking, crafts, reading the Easter story and learning the Easter story through play.

Together myself and my daughter made a paper mache tomb and stone and also made a hill and crosses.

With the help of Playmobil, I made the rest of the Easter Story. I really love Playmobil – it’s great for imagination and so many different stories and characters can be made from them. A bit of imagination is needed here as we have tried to make the Playmobil figures into disciples, Jesus, Roman soldiers and various other people.

They don’t have costumes and always have fixed smiles so this is where the imagination is needed as we have firefighter disciples, female disciples and so on. The angel is a fairy and the Roman soldiers are 2 Playmobil women who look nothing like soldiers!! Also the wine is not red and the bread is cheese!

However, we have managed to find enough figures to create the scenes from the Easter story and I would like to share with you our Easter Story Playset, with the help of Playmobil.

I actually find some of this photos quite moving and I am quite pleased with how the scenes turned out. I will keep these pieces out until Easter for my daughter to be able to play with. She knows the story quite well and it will be lovely to see her acting it out with figures.

The Last Supper
Praying in the garden of Gethsemane
Judas and Roman Soldiers arrive
Judas betrays Jesus
Jesus is crucified
Jesus’ body is placed in a tomb
Soldiers guarded the tomb
An angel rolled the stone away
Jesus has risen

I hope you have enjoyed seeing how I have created an Easter Story scenes for my 3 year old.

Maybe you will be inspired to create something similar?


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