Easter Biscuit Traybake

Ever since I made the Hot Cross Bun Bread and Butter Pudding I have been thinking about other Easter bakes that I can make.

I bought some Easter Biscuit cutters a little while ago and wanted to be able to use these but I didn’t want to make just shaped biscuits. I had an idea in my head that I wanted to test out…

Sometimes an idea in our heads doesn’t always quite work out how we imagined but I am happy with my first attempt…

I found a simple biscuit recipe and adapted it to make two lots of dough, a vanilla dough and a chocolate dough.

After 1 hour chilling in the fridge I rolled a little of each of the dough out and cut out 4 Easter shapes from each. All the remaining dough was put together and rolled into a rectangle.

I then put the rolled out dough into a large baking tray – it broke a little and I did have to press some of the dough in place! I then used the cutters to remove shapes of dough from the tray and filled in with the shapes I cut earlier. (This sounds confusing doesn’t it)!? There is probably an easier way to achieve this effect which is why this is attempt number 1 and I shall learn from this!!

Before baking

Next this went in the oven to bake and came out looking like this.

Not the neatest looking I admit! I decided I would use some icing pens to decorate it.

After this I decided it needed some colour so drew on some flowers with orange and pink icing pens.

This was just a fun baking experiment for me and I am quite pleased with how it looks for a first attempt and I am already thinking of what I can do to improve it. The ideas was completely in my head – I haven’t seen anything quite like this before which is why I thought I would give it a go.

It makes a great treat for a family. Smaller letterbox versions of these could be made which would make a great gift to post to loved ones.

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