Is Blogging for Me?

I had been really enthusiastic about blogging since I started back again in October but recently my blog posts have had hardly any views which is rather disheartening and discouraging!

I didn’t start this blog to be popular – believe me that couldn’t ever happen to me! I have never experienced popularity! It’s just nice to know people are interested and do like to read my content. It’s hard to not keep looking over the statistics!

I spent a while writing my February 2021 Review and packed it full of different things I had been doing including photos, thoughts and goals for this month. I am very appreciative to those who did read it so thank you. I was a little disappointed to see my views statistics dwindling!

I’m not sure where it is going wrong! I use tags, I have quite a few followers now but perhaps virtually I am just the same as I am in reality. I am quite a shy person and not very good socially! I have no social life and that’s not because of covid! I love my family and enjoy being a wife and Mum. I keep in regular contact with the wider family which is great. But generally the only people in my social circle are family.

I had other blog posts planned – one about toy storage sacks I have been making and one about the seeds I have been sowing and growing. I also have other ideas. However I am unsure whether to post them as I just seem to be losing an audience!!

Perhaps this is a sign to take a break from blogging? And maybe come up with ways to improve my content and connect better with people? Is my blog too random!? Who knows! I shall ponder on these thoughts.

I don’t want to see this as a negative. I am just going to see this as a challenge and look at it as a means to improve and better myself but also as a chance to step back and reflect on what I want from my blog. Anyway, here’s a shout out to all those who do follow, read and like my blog. I really do appreciate it. You can read my post of gratitude here…Thank You

Thanks for reading and any words of advice, or any thoughts would be great!


14 thoughts on “Is Blogging for Me?

  1. Mmm, well to be completely transparent with you, I have a giant amount of follows (maybe 1/4 of all) from dog groomers… ? They followed me to get a follow-back and never engage in my blog.

    My fashion blogs, usually with photos of me do really well, as do more personal posts, like me sharing my DNA results. I still do ramen noodle posts, which get less engagement. But I love ramen noodles and can’t stop! :-p Oddly, any time I show my plants I get TONS of engagement too 😱

    But I think what I noticed more is that if I have fun writing the blog, other people have fun reading it (like my post on the Titanic, which I thought would be boring). *shrugs* I would recommend to just have fun. If you think about it, you’re competing with websites like the New York Times and such, so it’s best to just have fun 🙂 Oh, and do you comment or follow other blogs? You can get to know people that way, too, and they’ll follow you back and get to know you. I’ve made a few friends that way 🙂

    Oops! I wrote a lot. Haha I hope at least some of it helps.

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    1. Thanks for the insight, I really appreciate it. It’s hard to figure out what other people are interested in reading! You have given some really great advice, thank you for writing your comments. ☺️

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  2. Katie, you have an awesome blog. Keep posting! I love reading them! No it’s not your blog. Some months are lower in views than others. Its been happening to me to. Right after the holidays the views slow down and then they go up. Dont worry!


  3. Hi Katie I have been following your blog regularly and you are doing a great job. Don’t give up your blogging and don’t think about views sometimes they are more and sometimes they are less. We can’t predict them but all I can say is I enjoy reading your blog and I would love to see more blog posts from you. You keep doing your work and leave the stats. Good work always get results. My blog stats are never same sometimes more and sometimes less as I just go with my thoughts and share with them to the world. Good luck Katie ❤️

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  4. Just another person stopping by to drop you a little piece of encouragement. Keep doing it! Sometimes it’s these exact moments—when we’re feeling a little unsure—that are the most important for us to overcome. Wishing you the best no matter your decisions, Katie!

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  5. Hi! My little piece of advice would be don´t give up just because of stats. As long as you enjoy blogging and writing posts, keep at it because you never know, suddenly your stats might go up. Stats go up and down all the time, it´s happened to me many times, but writing regularly regardless of stats keeps your blog alive.

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