Pesto Pizzas

We eat homemade pizzas regularly but I do like to make them differently just for variety in our meals

Last night I chose to make the pizza bases from a scone mixture. I used flour, baking powder, butter and milk to make into a scone dough, I also added dried basil for extra flavour. I chose to make individual pizzas so rolled out the dough into 4 pizza bases and baked for 5 minutes just to stop the bases going soggy when putting on the toppings.

I topped the scone pizza bases with a large teaspoon of green pesto and then added a variety of chopped vegetables. I got quite creative with my pizza and made a pretty pattern with the vegetables!! Last of all I topped the pizzas with feta. I have found that feta and pesto is a really delicious combination.

Pizzas can be topped with anything you like , they are so versatile! I chose to use courgettes, mushrooms, peppers, cauliflower and sweetcorn on these pizzas.

Here are the baked pizzas, I served them with sweet potato chips.

Happy Pizza Making!


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