Chicken and Mushroom Pie

Tonight I made a chicken and mushroom pie for dinner, using the chicken I cooked yesterday in the pressure cooker…

My family really enjoy pie – especially the homemade pastry! I made a shortcrust pastry using flour, baking spread, lard and and an egg yolk and binded this together with water. This then chilled in the fridge whilst I made the filling.

I saved the stock from the pressure cooker yesterday and used this for the sauce, the stock was very flavourful and it was great to be able to use this instead of a stock cube which is what I would normally use.

So, for my pie filling I added celery, carrots, chicken and mushrooms into the pan, added the stock and peas and let simmer a little while. I seasoned with salt, pepper and thyme.

To make the sauce thicker and creamier, I made a small amount of white sauce and poured this into the pie filling.

I rolled out the pastry and lined my heart shaped pie dish, poured in the filling and topped with more pastry. This cooked for half an hour. Unfortunately I didn’t have any pastry left over to make a cute little chicken this time!!

I served it with broccoli and Brussel sprouts as I didn’t want the dinner to be too heavy and there are plenty of carbohydrates in the pie!

Hope you had a great Sunday dinner,


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