Kitchen Creations This Week

With it being Valentine’s Day at the end of the week I thought I would so some love themed baking. I decided I would make some heart shaped biscuits with a jammy centre.

I made a chocolate biscuit dough and a plain biscuit dough and cut out heart shapes. I rolled the leftover dough together to create some marble effect biscuits.

Once the biscuits were baked and cooled, I sandwiched them together with apricot jam. Lovely, sweet heart biscuits!

I made soup again today for lunch, this time it was Curried Carrot, Potato and Butternut Soup. A tasty lunch for the family. I garnished the soup with trimmings from the carrot tops that I set in water a couple of weeks ago to re sprout!

Tonight’s dinner was a Spaghetti dish with peas, bacon and courgette in a cheese sauce. I made a thick cheese sauce which I added to fried bacon and courgette and then stirred in cooked spaghetti and peas. A filling and comforting meal.

So, that’s some of my kitchen creations this week so far.


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