A Summary of This Week

I’ll start with what we’ve been eating/ what I have been cooking.

– Monday – I made a lentil Bolognese served with spaghetti. I also made a quick garlic bread out of a tiger bread baguette and some garlic, parsley and butter mixed together and spread between the slices.

– Tuesday – I made a spinach, green bean, pea and feta pie. This was a puff pastry pie filled with the seasoned green veg, feta and an egg to bind it. I served this with sweet potato chips and made a simple tzatziki to go with it.

– Wednesday – Beef chilli was on the menu, I didn’t put a lot of chilli powder in as I wanted the children to eat it! I also made a bread to go with it, one so hadn’t made before called a Tuscan Schiacciata which is a type of flatbread. I made it with wholemeal flour and topped it with garlic butter, salt and rosemary. This was a good accompaniment to the chilli.

– Thursday – This was the scone base pesto pizzas that I posted about yesterday. I didn’t have time to make a bread dough up and have run out of baking powder to made a pizza dough with that so a scone base pizza it was! These are really nice and filling and I really enjoyed using pesto instead of a tomato sauce on the pizzas.

– Friday – Today I made a simple chickpea and veg cous cous seasoned with paprika.

– Cakes and Bakes – On Tuesday I made the custard butterfly cakes which were really tasty and definitely something I will make in the future. They didn’t last long! Today I have made a batch of ginger scones, I will keep some out for eating and put some in the freezer to save for another day as scones dry out really quickly and it’s great having things in the freezer for when we have run out of sweet treats!

I have kept up with my daily walks even though the weather this week hasn’t been great. There has been a lot of wind and rain, however today was lovely and sunny so a refreshing change.

My cross stitch is coming on well, I am making a little progress on it each evening.

I have been using my planner to set little tasks to do each day or achieve by the end of the week. I have generally been quite good at following this although there are still a few things I need to tick off. I am hoping to clear out and organise the drawers in the sideboard next and then put new photos in frames to display on the sideboard.

This week I started a little growing project with me daughter. There was an article in my Kitchen Garden magazine about regrowing vegetables from veg trimmings. We decided we would use the carrot tops from the carrot soup we made. I have put them in a little bowl with water and we await new growth.

I have a few repair jobs to do on a couple of soft toys for my daughter so I hope to get that done by the end of the weekend. Also I want to start planning what I am going to grow on the patio and what resources I need to do so.

As you can tell my mind is constantly busy with thoughts, ideas and plans and I am also constantly busy with my children, housework and cooking!

Hope you have had a great week.


(I realise my food doesn’t look completely refined! You wouldn’t see food like that in a restaurant but it’s homemade and tasty. I often don’t get time to take artistic photos as we are all hungry and ready to eat)!

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