Carrot Soup and Custard Butterfly Cakes

My daughter requested soup for lunch and it had to be her favourite – carrot! I enjoy making soups for lunch and it’s a great way to get vegetables into our diet at lunch time!

I made a basic soup of carrots, garlic puree, dried oregano, black pepper, vegetable stock and red lentils. I left this simmering for about 40 minutes and then blended into a smooth soup. I have to say it was quite a successful soup and definitely one I will be making again.

I decided to make some cupcakes whilst the soup was simmering. I fancied something with a custard flavour. I made a 2 egg cake mix and substituted some of the flour for custard powder. This made the cake batter lovely and yellow.

Once the cakes were baked I decided that I would turn them into butterfly cakes and fill them with custard. I made up a small amount of thick custard and then cut a circle out of each cupcake and sliced those in half to form the butterfly wings. I then filled each cake with a teaspoon full of custard and topped with the butterfly wings.

I have enjoyed making some yummy creations in the kitchen today.


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