Monday’s Bakes

I haven’t had a baking Monday for a long time now and really wanted to get back into it. I think the last time I made bread was in February!!

I went out in the morning and made sure that I had yeast and flour. I also had a large number of eggs that needed using up so this was a good incentive to bake.

I decided I would make a savoury bread and a fruit bread that can be toasted for breakfast. I chose to make Challah breads as I have made these before and my husband and I both enjoy them. (The recipe also uses 5 eggs)! I find that this bread bakes really well and is always soft and fluffy. 

The recipe made two loaves so I have one in the freezer ready for another week.

For my fruit bread I followed a recipe for sultana bread but used dried mixed fruit instead and added a little mixed spice. 

I also made a fruit cake in a loaf tin so that it is easier for packing in a lunch box. It will keep well for a week so I don’t need to make any other cake. As there are only two of us we struggle to get through homemade cake so I prefer to make smaller items or things that last longer.

I also made a quiche which was a great way to use up my eggs and leftover cauliflower and broccoli. I sliced and par boiled the vegetables and let them cool. I then arranged them in my short crust pastry case that I had just baked. I topped this with an egg and milk mixture to them with seasoning, thyme, a little mustard and some cheddar. 

We had half of this for dinner and then I have put the other half in the freezer for a meal another day.

I am very pleased with my bakes and feel like I had a productive Monday afternoon.

Preserving Fruit and Veg

Yesterday I had a good tidy up in the garden and harvested the last of my carrots and beetroots. I also picked a few green beans and lots of sticks of rhubarb.

There wasn’t a huge amount of produce but I have made sure it hasn’t gone to waste. I have chopped and blanched the carrots and green beans and frozen them. The beetroot has been fully cooked, peeled, chopped and bagged ready to be frozen. It is nice to know that I can eat seasonal produce throughout the year because of preserving it in the freezer. 
I also have other fruit in the freezer from earlier in the season which I will be able to use in desserts and jams.

With the rhubarb, I am currently making a rhubarb and orange jam which ,once jarred, will keep for about a year.

I also have a food dehydrator that I am hoping to experiment with more over time. I have used it to make prunes from the plums I grew and have also dried tomatoes and some herbs in there. I am wanting to make some apple crisps soon and have a tree full of Braeburn apples that are not far off being ripe enough to pick. 

Elsewhere in the garden I have grapes ripening on the vine, I was hoping that a whole bunch would ripen at the same time but that doesn’t seem to be happening at the moment! I also have parsnips that are growing well and a few leeks. Some of the sweetcorn looks ready to be picked so I will hopefully be enjoying that next week.