Getting Organised, Writing Lists and Planning a New Schedule

Perhaps my nesting instincts are beginning to kick in. I have an overwhelming desire to get organised and back on track. With so many things that need doing, I decided it was best to start writing lists and hopefully begin to tick things off of them.

I think that I have let myself get a little lazy over the past 6 months and with 11 weeks until our baby is estimated to arrive I need to get things sorted.

Last week I finished decorating the nursery. We just need to get a carpet and furnishings and get the radiator back on and painted. The room is a huge improvement from what it used to look like. We have chosen a yellow and grey colour scheme, keeping it neutral.

Here are the before and after pictures. (The ceiling was originally painted blue)!

I think having things written down helps me as I know exactly what needs doing and will hopefully give me motivation to get it done!

This morning I have reorganised my shelves in the living room and added more books and DVD’s to make it like a library section.

This has cleared space elsewhere so I am hoping to be able to move things around and find a place for everything!

I have started to re-write a new schedule to keep me on track. I know this will change when the baby arrives but hopefully it will get me used to being organised and prepared! I am hoping to use reusable cloth nappies on the baby, so keeping on track with washing is very important!