Recent Projects and Activities

It’s been two weeks since I last wrote a blog post! 

What’s been happening,,….

DIY Projects;

The cupboard doors have been made for the built in units in our living room. I have cut and fixed some decorative paneling to them and have primed them ready to be glossed. We have some lovely door handles with a bird design on.

We have bought the paint to decorate our dining room so that it can finally be a functional space. We have chosen red and cream colours to make it a warm space. We have painted one coat of red so far but it definitely needs another coat for it to look neat!


My sewing project hasn’t been progressing very well! I am onto the third feather now, I didn’t realise how long it would take! I really need to spend time on it every day.

Baking and Cooking;

I haven’t done too much baking recently, I have lost inspiration at the moment! I am not too fussed about eating cake so it doesn’t get eaten up and I hate wasting food! I am planning on making a Victoria sponge cake this week or maybe something orange flavoured.

I have been enjoying eating hot lunches over the last few weeks, I find them more filling, tasty and a great way to eat more vegetables. Here are some of my creations;

In the Garden;

My first sown seedlings are growing well and I am hoping to start hardening them off outside soon. I have some seeds that can be down direct outside so I plan to do that this week. 

My husband bought me a polytunnel a few weeks ago and we are hoping to get it put up soon so that I can start using that for growing tomatoes and peppers. 

I am so happy that spring is here, my fruit trees and bushes have lots of buds on them, I can’t wait to see the garden filled with blossom.