A Busy Christmas Eve

This year I haven’t been as organised as I had hoped! December has been quite busy with the new puppy and it took me a while to find inspiration for Christmas gifts!

I have also been decorating our bedroom this month and was hoping to get quite a bit of that done before Christmas.

We started the day by going to buy some more wallpaper as I was short by one piece and really wanted the wallpapering finished. After this we popped to the supermarket to buy some gluten free sausage meat for the chestnut stuffing and I bought gifts to go in my husband’s Christmas stocking!

We are at my parents in law tomorrow and I have made a chestnut stuffing to have with our dinner. I spent time boiling and peeling chestnuts and then mixing them with the sausage meat and an egg ready to be baked tomorrow. (I learned how to make this stuffing from my Mum)

I also wanted to make some chocolate truffles for extra gifts so have made these and made the boxes to put them in.

I baked some gingerbread biscuits for gifts as well.

I started making my Christmas stocking yesterday and we finished it off today by attaching the ribbon to it.

I definitely had to get the last piece of wallpaper on in the bedroom so took some time out from being in the kitchen to do some decorating!!

In between all the busyness we attended a Christingle service at our local church. Going to church around Christmas time is very important to me as I like to keep the true Christmas message with me now and also throughout the year. It is a time to reflect on our religion and the importance of the season.

It has been a very successful day even though I have been a little last minute with things – hopefully next year I will be more organised.

I wish all of my readers a very Happy Christmas. 

A Happy Cook

After owning our house for nearly a year, we finally have a new oven in our kitchen!

We had been using the cooker that was already here, but that was in a different room to our kitchen as we had changed the layout! We spent months of preparing our food in one room and cooking it in another! 

It took us a while to get our oven ordered but we were just waiting to find the right one at the right price!

Now we have the new oven I am looking forward to doing more cooking and would definitely like to start baking bread frequently throughout the week.

I want to make as much from scratch and to become a better cook. To me a big part of being a housewife is making lovely homemade foods.  

Hopefully next year we will have our dining room sorted and we can have guests round for dinner. We certainly have enough oven space to cater for lots of people!

Our puppy was enjoying her dinner whilst I took this photo!! 

Cooking and Baking = My Way of Providing

Cooking homemade meals is very important to me. I want us to eat well and enjoy the results of a home cooked meal. I feel that it is important for me to have an evening meal ready for when my husband gets home.

He has been working all day and deserves and good meal when he comes home. I like to use my time at home wisely by spending it preparing meals. It wouldn’t look very good if my cooking consisted of putting some processed ready made food in the oven 20 minutes before my husband came home!

Therefore I like to try new recipes or spend time planning a good meal. Meals are not the only importance to me, each week I make a different type of cake/ sweet treat for my husband to have in his lunch box -of course there is always some left for me as well! ( in fact there is normally too much cake for two of us to eat)! I do try not to waste it though!

Yesterday’s meal was steak pot pie with broccoli mashed potato and cabbage. I also made ginger muffins with a fudge icing and a gingerbread heart on top.

I like to make different cakes as it stops every week feeling the same – it brings new flavours and a slight change to the lunch box! It also helps me to advance with my baking and cooking skills.

This is how I provide for my husband and I know he appreciates coming home to a home cooked meal. 

Tidying the Freezer and Making a Stock List

I hate wasting food, so any leftovers I have go in the freezer. If I have made too much cake or muffins then they go in the freezer before they dry out and get thrown away. 

I put a lot of things into my freezer and it can end up getting quite disorganised and messy! 

My freezer before tidying!

Whilst I tidied my freezer I wrote out a stock list so I know exactly what is in there. I also organised the food into categories so items are easier to find.

My freezer after tidying!

Some of the items in the freezer are bought from the shop but most are items that I have made including meatballs, burgers and muffins. I also have some gingerbread dough which I could take out in a morning to make biscuits later in the day. 

Carrot Slaw Recipe

We had homemade burgers for dinner on Tuesday, I like to have some sort of vegetable accompaniment with my dinners where possible so began wondering what to serve my burgers with.

Coleslaw is a common option and I thought about making that but I didn’t have all the ingredients available. So I created my own slaw using carrots, chilli, apple and a few condiments. Here is the recipe;

Carrot Slaw


  • 3 – 4 carrots peeled and grated
  • 1 chilli pepper sliced (I used a mild green chilli but any chilli would work)
  • 1 apple grated (I used a gala apple)
  • 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • A dash of soy sauce
  • A sprinkling of chilli powder

I used a grater attachment on my food processor to grate the carrot and apple. I sliced the chilli finely and just mixed all of the other ingredients together until it looked like a good consistency 

This made two large portions but could easily be shared by four as a smaller side dish.

This was a very refreshing slaw, it was a little sweet but had lovely flavours.

 I enjoy coming up with new recipes and appreciate having the time to experiment and try new things. To me cooking is a big part of my role as a housewife.

A New Puppy

The last few days have been very busy. We picked up our new puppy on Friday and have been settling her in and getting used to a routine!
She is a very happy puppy and I am sure she will give us much happiness over the years.  

I am looking forward to taking her out for walks, it will give me more motivation to go out and about. Also she will be a companion for me in the day whilst my husband is at work. 

It is taking a little while to adjust to having a puppy in the house, she keeps me busy in the day which I am grateful for.  

Each day is getting easier with her training and we are very eager to train her up to become a well behaved dog.

She loves us already and wags her tail when she wakes up and sees us!